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Robert E. Williams
Bob's creative background is extensive: drawing, painting, photography, digital art, animation and film. As an artist, he continues to experiment with composition, line, colour, imagery, and movement in both traditional and digital mediums. Bob's mysterious drawings and paintings start with his love of line moving slowly over a surface searching for the image that is hidden there. Complex in their simplicity, the pictures move from abstraction to figurative and settle somewhere in-between.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fine Art
Studio Major, Art History Minor
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design
Halifax, NS, 1987

Life Drawing and Mono Print Making
Art Sake, Toronto, ON, 1980 - 1982

Diploma, Three Year Film Program
Documentary and live film studies, specializing in animation
Conestoga College of Applied Art and Technology
Kitchener, ON, 1979

Bob's Paintings
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