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Susan Vitale settled in East Dover, Nova Scotia, more than thirty years ago. She raised children, chickens and veggies and learned ways of living from the land and sea.

Having been a self-taught studio potter, she began studies in ceramics at NSCAD in 1984. There she began painting and never stopped.

Her work has been exhibited and collected in Canada and the U.S. She is currently represented by

Jo Beale Gallery, Fine Art,
Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia,
B3Z 3S2
154  Peggy's Point Road.
902 823 1960


I doubt I would have become a landscape painter were it not for dwelling in this place. My work has been a sort of overspilling of the pleasure I take in its great beauty. I paint from a sense of awe and wonder. How can this be so bright, so still, so solemn? It is a study of quality.

As a teacher, I hope to support an environment in which people can share the non-verbal experience of looking, then transforming, what they see into an expression of that total looking. This is a process hard to describe in words, but happening for us when we spend a few hours working together--work based on observation, aiming at communication.

Susan's Paintings
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